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Learn the exact phrases that put you in control of client relationships. Be prepared so you never feel anxious again.

Are you an independent consultant? Do you sometimes feel pushed around by clients because they constantly tell you what to do? Do you have difficulty setting boundaries with clients? Do you say, “yes” all the time because you are afraid of losing a client? Do you tend to give too low a number when a prospect asks about your pricing? Do you feel clients “beat you up” on pricing and delivery?

Are you unsure of what to say when asked:

  • “What’s your hourly rate?”
  • “How much will this cost?”
  • “Can we pay you later? We don’t have a lot of money right now.”
  • “Instead of paying you cash, can we promote you.”
  • “Why don’t we partner together.”
  • “You’re too expensive, we can find somebody cheaper.”
  • “Can you make this change immediately. It should only take 10 minutes.”

In this workshop you will learn the exact phrases (SCRIPTS YOU CAN STEAL!!) that will tip the scales in your favor and put you in command of every client relationship.

Knowing how to clearly and confidently respond to any difficult question lets clients know they can’t push you around.

Learn how to prepare yourself so you never feel anxious again.


This workshop is hosted by David Judson. I am a former web producer who has worked with numerous global brands in a career spanning over 20 years. Now, I teach freelancers and independent business-builders (like you) find better clients and get paid what they are worth.

My workshops are small, collaborative and hands-on. You will meet and learn from other like-minded professionals. The best learning comes from face-to-face human interaction.


This event is hosted at Meet BCN.

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