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SEO is often seen as a mysterious blackbox or a spammy exercise in keyword stuffing (depending who you talk to). But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Marketers have long excelled at overcomplicating SEO, instead of focusing on a few basic elements.In this talk, we’ll discuss:

  1. Why SEO boils down to 4 main factors that anyone can understand
  2. How to understand the SEO opportunity for your business in one hour of research
  3. If you already have a site, how to increase your traffic by using free tools

Great reasons to join the event:

  • Get away from your desk and meet new people.
  • Build stronger relationships when you connect face to face.
  • Learn from others around a small table and inspire each other.
  • Immerse yourself in an experience and forget about all the distractions from social media and emails.
  • Learn you’re not the only person struggling with your challenges.
  • Meet great people who hopefully become networking contacts, associates or future friends.


Nigel Stevens is Founder and CEO of Organic Growth Marketing. He’s a Silicon Valley veteran who has impacted the traffic growth of major global brands.

OGM is a growth partner that works with startups to drive nonpaid user acquisition. Current and previous clients include: B2B startups such as Intercom, Hotjar, and BigCommerce, and B2C companies including Unsplash, LendingClub, and Balanced Health Botanicals.

Nigel’s past clients say it all:

«Nigel 8X’d our blog traffic in 12 months. For a highly successful 7-year-old B2B SaaS company, that is unheard of. His strong fundamentals, technical SEO acumen, scrappiness, and ability to see the big picture are a unique and extremely effective combination.» Casey Armstrong | VP Digital Marketing at BigCommerce

“We brought on Nigel and Marketing OG to grow Unsplash as we raised a round. They delivered quick results which resulted in a $7M Series A. He requires very little direction and can run with a growth initiative from idea to execution.» Luke Chesser | Cofounder & CPO @Unsplash

This event is hosted by The Barcelona Speaker Series and Meet BCN.


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