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You know the importance of content and you’ve been slaving away to create it regularly. But there’s a problem. Your traffic isn’t converting: no-one’s signing up for your app, booking calls or demos, and your email list is growing about as fast as a plastic cup decomposes.

Too often, growing companies create content just for the sake of content. It ends of being generic, thin, and frankly it’s uninteresting. It’s no surprise this content falls flat and has little ROI. Or, even when it is remarkable and attracts traffic, it’s not written for the right people.

Founders, drowning in too many revenue-generating tasks, decide content marketing is not worth the effort. But this is a mistake. Content marketing can have an exponential effect on sales if it contains one vital ingredient—customer fit. Without customer fit, it doesn’t matter how persuasive or compelling your copy is.

It doesn’t matter if you have the #1 Google ranking or a ton of traffic. Your content won’t make you money. You must know who your customer is and what they want.

In this presentation, we’ll discuss how to craft a content strategy that profoundly resonates with your ideal customer.


Maeva Cifuentes is a content marketing strategist and founder of Flying Cat Marketing, a boutique agency laser-focused on search traffic, content creation and customer-centric growth strategies. She is also the founder of Cifuentes Translations, a translation company helping global brands reach an international audience.


This event is hosted by David Judson. I am a former web producer who has worked with numerous global brands in a career spanning over 20 years. Now, I teach freelancers and independent business-builders (like you) find better clients and get paid what they are worth.

My workshops are small, collaborative and hands-on. You will meet and learn from other like-minded professionals. The best learning comes from face-to-face human interaction.


This event is hosted at Meet BCN.

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