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About this Event

This coming Tuesday I’m hosting a Business Mastermind Group where 10 of us will sit around a table to discuss business challenges and give each other advice and support.

Meet other independent business builders in Barcelona. Build your personal network to help grow your business.

Do you work primarily alone on your business or freelance work?

Would you like to meet other like-minded business owners (and freelancers) in Barcelona.

A few great reasons to join us:

  • Meet interesting people who work independently on business like you
  • Share experiences and help solve each others problems
  • Participate in interesting discussions
  • Make new friends who share your passion and understand that building something on your own is challenging and rewarding

We only have 10 chairs for this event. To ensure your spot email me the following:

  1. A brief description of your business (or independent freelance work)
  2. Any relevant website and social links
  3. 1-2 sentences explaining why you would like to join

Email me at:

Hope to see you at the next meeting!


This mastermind session is hosted by David Judson. I am a former web producer who has worked with numerous global brands in a career spanning over 20 years. Now, I teach freelancers and independent business-builders (like you) find better clients and get paid what they are worth.

My workshops are small, collaborative and hands-on. You will meet and learn from other like-minded professionals. The best learning comes from face-to-face human interaction.


This event is hosted at Meet BCN.

If you want to assist to many other workshops like this, check our events page!

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